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Welcome to Fiery Hope our worlds are 120 and 20 but mostly 120
our cape is the plain green cape

how to join:
level 5 to 10 -
you can join as a recruit, as a member in training you must have level 5 or higher in two non-fighting skills

level 11 to 19 -
 you can now become a full member to join you must now have 15 or higher in two non-fighting skills and an attack/magic of 10 or higher

level 20 to 30 -
you must have an attack of 20 or higher and all of the above

level 31 to 55 -
you must have either 30+ attack, 25+ range, 50+ mining/woodcutting/fishing/cooking/firemaking, or 25+ magic

56 to 67 - same as 21 to 55 but you will have higher expectations

68 to 70 - you can only join if we ask you

71+ not allowed
Guild News


lvl2soldierr, May 13, 10 6:39 PM.
we have created our events
Fist of Guthix Day is about 4 times a month (medium priority)
Banana Day is every odd numbered day we dont have another event on (low priority)
Clan Meetings are once a month (VERY high priority)
Yearly Surprise is MANDATORY but only once a year if you can not make it you will be booted down one or two ranks (except recruits)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

lvl2soldierr, May 13, 10 5:33 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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